TEMPORAL x Arte Nómada

“Temporal x Arte Nómada” is a project put into place by our collective, with the help of the Conservatorio S.A. We were presented with the opportunity to intervene an abandoned space temporarily and operate it during one summer. This space allowed for the presentation of diverse visual art and the joining together of a larger community, one that keeps growing. We hope to have accomplished our goal to create consciousness about cultural-artistic projects and the individuals that represent them, in order to be able to collaborate with and support each other. Temporal was the location of various art exhibitions and Panamanian band shows, which succeeded in attracting individuals of all ages to observe and support. It is an intermittent project, and will likely happen again. The fact that is is a "temporary" space corresponds to our philosophy of being Nomads, never still, always ready to look for novelties and irregularities.


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