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Arte Nómada is a project executed by four young artists in Panama that want to push the world of art and culture in a country in which, for the moment, it feels poorly represented. Arte Nómada is a collective, a space to share modes of expression and thought through art. The project takes use of abandoned spaces in Panama and transforms them into temporary galleries, where different visual and musical artists are exhibited and presented. The purpose is to create an environment where flourishing Panamanian talent can be exhibited, with the goal to create consciousness and conversation, in order to join a community of open eyes and open minds to the beauty and importance of local culture. 

Arte Nómada's mission is to support the local emerging artist. In Panama, the topic of art and culture is recently becoming popular. We want to hold on to this growth of consciousness to show people that these themes and projects thrive with the external support received. This support is still growing in the arts in Panama, and we want for the work in display and the ways in which they are displayed to enthuse the public, so that they can impulse artists and, in turn, enthuse them to continue to create. We believe that if an artists feels represented and sees a good result to their efforts, they will continue to create, and will try to take their art forward. 

The Founders // Creative Heads

Mana Pinto

Val Schnack

Gabriel Trius

Natalia Ramirez

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